White Rose Rally

The first British motorcycle rallies of the 1960s are unsurprisingly few in number compared to the numerous meetings organised during subsequent decades.

Most of them appear on this site as a result of reports and comments from those who had the opportunity to be in the vanguard of rally enthusiasts participating in those early days.

With the exception of rallies organised exclusively for their members by a few individual owners clubs supporting a particular brand -(for example the annual meetings of the Vincent OC dating back to the mid-50s) - the list of these early 60s gatherings below numbers fewer than thirty.

Among the best known of these 1960s rallies are:

Antelope, Aegir, Blackpool, Border, Capt'n Cook, Clover, Dragon, Farndale, Goose Fair, Hatters, Heart of England, March Hare, Pennine, Poacher, Portsmouth, Pre-Elephant, Robin Hood, Safari, Severn, Shamrock, Snowman, Solent, Stag, Standford Hall, Tiger, Tribute to Dragon, White Rose and Woburn.

The White Rose is one of these 60's rallies mentioned above. We know that a meeting took place in 1967 near Barnsley, South Yorks, as well as again in 1968, as indicated from the commemorative badge of the time.

White Rose Rally 67 - The 'British Invasion' then wasn't just about Rock & Roll, it was also about riding great British motorcycles!

One of my very best friends, (a friendship which dates back almost 50 years), Michel Degaine, a founder of the MC Creusois of Gueret, with whom I have shared a great many unforgettable motorcycling moments; is well aware of my passion for collecting documents and photos related to past motorcycle reunions.

White Rose Rally 67 - "Everyone needs to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer!"

I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for giving me these five amazing vintage shots taken during the 1967 White Rose Rally.

White Rose Rally 67 - Rallyists displaying motorcycling skills and acrobatics.

An internet search I did for both this rally and its organising club drew a blank with apparently no trace of either.

White Rose Rally 67 - Jubilant faces at the presentation of the trophies.

I hope that amongst the readers of this site, there may be at least someone to shed some light on this rally, the organising club behind it, and perhaps even the names of some of the participants in these photos.

- Jean-Francois Helias