Winter Knights Rally

11 March 1983 - Knightriders MCC


- Phil

I should point out that this is the Winter Knights Rally, held by the Knightriders MCC of Surrey in 1983. It has no connection that I am aware of with the Cold Winter's Knight Rally held by the Knight Riders MCC of Bath in the early 1990s, despite the amazing similarity between the badges. This one's badge was simply the badge from the previous year's rally (in September) with a bar attached underneath bearing the word 'Winter'. I suspect they over-estimated the number of people attending that one, and held this to clear their stocks.

I didn't hear of any further rallies from the club, so there may not have been any. Unless they moved to Bath, of course.

The rally was held in the 'Function Room' (out-building) of a pub just outside East Grinstead, not far from where the previous rally had been, and was enjoyable, despite the cold. I especially enjoyed the Treasure Hunt on the Saturday for which I won the prize of a Gas Lamp, after managing to find out what a 'staddle' was. The lamp still works! (Well, it did the last time I tried to use it.) It was very good at warming the tent up at winter rallies, once I got a gas cartridge for it, which was not part of the prize.

I was amused some years later when I was on a jury for the trial of a guy charged with stealing goods from the forecourt of the Garage next to this pub, at night, while the attendant was dozing in the shop. (I am not sure if I am allowed to name names, but I can't remember his anyway.)

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley