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Woodpecker Rally

Victor Smith of the WD 66 Club (now in Oz) starts us off...

Start of quotation I was on the Woodpecker committee. Being a small club it was our big fund raiser of the year. So all hands were on deck and we made the badges. The first site was behind Allen Lucas's mates pub in Brierley Hill and some one got brummers to send down some cider and bit of money. End of quotation

- Victor Smith

Les Hobbs continues the tale ...

VW outfit taken at what I believe was the 1968/9 Woodpecker Rally held near Peterborough just off the A1, the first proper rally I went to as a passenger. An apprentice, low wages, a choice of beer or sign in. Beer won, so no badge.

I spotted this outfit on the K&D Stanford Hall page and thought "I've seen that."

Pictures of Gareth Bennet's bikes from the late 1960s. Gaz was, and indeed still is, a one off; nutty as a fruit cake, a laugh a minute type of guy. We stopped for a pint on our way home where more photos were taken.

The camp-site was at the rear of the pub and just by the entrance was this BSA M21 outfit newly registered ex army surplus. You used to be able to buy them from auctions at Ruddington near Nottingham for as little as £45.