WOT? Rally

1st - Borderline MCC - 24th July 1981

Another rally that disproves the myth that such things never happen in Surrey!


- Phil the Spill

The rally got its name from one of the Borderline MCC's planning meetings. Having decided to hold a rally, and sourcing a pub with a field behind it, they felt they had to give it a name. A few names were suggested and declined, when one of their number, who had been slumbering through the meeting was nudged awake and asked his opinion, giving the answer "What rally?"

Since most of the Borderliners had come to our YOC rally a few months earlier we felt we should repay the favour, including the Club Sec 'Catweazle' who was on his 'X' reg Yamaha Tr1, which was not strictly meant to have been on the road for another couple of weeks.

The Friday night was the normal state of affairs, with people letting off steam after a week at work and generally preparing the body for the constant onslaught of beer that was to follow. The landlord of the pub, although more than prepared to take our money, didn't want us in his pub. There was a small bar set up in an out-building for us.

We found that the pub just down the road wasn't as picky about such things and there was a steady stream of rallyists down the road and back throughout the weekend. This didn't stop the beer running out on Saturday afternoon, though, and the landlord had to go and get another estate-car-load of barrels (at least eight) to prevent us abandoning his hostelry altogether.

On Saturday, one of the most popular silly games was a pillow-fight on a pole. This went on until the pillows were split so badly they were incapable of holding their contents, which, at least, made the eventual downfall of the last contestant a little cushioned. Human pyramids and wet t-shirts followed on, and there may have been other games, but my memory (photos) don't recall them.

Anyway, the evening went on. Dances were danced, beer was drunk, as were those that drank it, and hangovers-in-waiting were built. In short - a rally! And quite a fun one it was, too!

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley