WOT? Rally

4th Borderline MCC - 20th July 1984

It was July, so it must be time for the WOT Rally, Off we went to the Lithuanian Country club, turned off into the woods behind it and set up as best we could amongst the trees.

The next few hours were spent chatting to old friends who were already there and more as they arrived, taking care to snap any passing girl who flashed her bits for the camera.

It was soon time to wander over the road to the Club House where the bar was quickly full. The usual game of 'beermat delivery' was soon under way, which kept one club amused for several hours.

Many earnest conversations were in full flow, as was the beer and an occasional sing-song. This carried on for a fair few hours, before we were chucked out and went to sit around the bonfire crater, where more sing-songs took place.

In the morning, the campsite kitchen served up a fine breakfast and we spent some time wandering about the woods, looking for more people we knew.

Eventually it was time for the games. Due to the amount of space, the games were, as usual, a little larger than traditional rally games, and included some baseball/rounders type game.

After these we went back to the campsite for wet clothing contests, although a fair few people were already wet, having taken advantage of the clubhouses swimming pool which was also allegedly used for midnight skinny-dipping. A nice touch is that all contestants in these contests get logo imprinted T-shirts/underpants to keep.

A few hours later it was all-pile-over-to-the-bar time and pretty much repeating Friday night. This time, though, there was a disco unit set up outside the bar. As it was a warm night, this was no hardship.

Sunday morning was still warm and there was no problem packing up after hangovers were beaten into submission. After the prizes were handed out everybody managed to find their way out of the wood onto the road. Well, most of us, but there are tales of lost bikers haunting the wood.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley