WOT? Rally

6th Borderline MCC - 4th July 1986

It was another sunny July day when we went to the Lithuanian Country Club in Bordon, Hampshire, for the 6th WOT Rally. I'm not sure what it would be like if it was a wet weekend in that forest, but we never had one.

Friday night was taken up with the usual mix of activities you are likely to experience at rallies. Massive intake of alcoholic beverages of course, along with earnest discussions putting right the wrongs of the world, meeting up with people you hadn't seen since last year, or even longer, displays of dexterity and/or upper body strength and involuntary removal of clothing.

The next day, due to having allegedly 'run out of money', one girl was flashing her bits around the bar to encourage people to buy her drinks, I have to admit - I did. As she was always exposing herself at rallies, I'm not sure this was an actual case of temporary impoverishment or just a way to get free beer for doing what she always did, anyway. Interestingly, she did not participate in the wet T-shirt contest back at site a few hours later.

Those contests, held outside so as to prevent excessive water damage in the hall at night, followed the 'sports day' type games that took place on the excessive grasslands in front of the hall.

After another day of alcohol consumption there was a Miss Rally contest, (ie DRY T-shirt), in the hall, which was a brief interval during the hours of music and beer.

The continuing warm weather on the Sunday morning meant a leisurely pack, especially for those of us that didn't have too far to go. It also meant a dry pack, so I wouldn't have to hang up the tent when I got home, just sling it, (sorry - place it carefully), in the shed ready for the next one, (in my case, next week). There was also the benefit of a warm ride home, which was nice.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley