Wozwolf Rally

The 2006 rally was held at a showground in Newark on Trent, Lincolnshire

This is a four night rally held over the summer bank holiday. The Wozwolf rally is in my view the best one around and this one being my first I was surprised at the lengths that the club go to to make sure that people enjoyed themselves. The bands played in an openair stage in the afternoons and inside the clubhouse at night. The weather was good and there was a ride out and trade stands at the site.

The 2007 Wozwolf was held at another showground near to the one used in 2005. Another four nights of partying to look foward to. This time the club ran their own bar and very good it was too. As this was the tenth year there was a ten per cent beer brewed for the event and other real ales and ciders were also available. The bands were all excellent and there were the strippers and on the final night the Big Wolf made its annual apperance. On seeing the strippers after a large amount of the Wozwolf Ale I decided I could do better than the male one so proceeded to do a stripteaze on the stage in front of several hundred people until a steward took me off stage just as I was about to remove my underpants. This, along with the Oasis rally, remains the best I have ever done.

The 2008 venue changed this year to a disused airfield near Melton Mowbray. The normal marquee was present and the ten per cent beer was on again. The site was near enough to the town to walk into as well. The weather was mainly overcast and raining but cleared up on the last day.

In 2009 the venue moved again to the Plough at Farcet Fen near Peterborough. Again another good rally and on the last day we were treated to many tastings of peach flavoured Archers by the club members.

Then a rather large bloke playing an accoustic guitar and singing songs took to the stage. He was given a pint of the Wozwolf Ale at regular intervals - from memory I can say between 9-10 pints! He passed out on the stage and had to be carried to a van to be driven home.

- Dave Ranger