Yorkshire Brew Rally

Wasn't going to the first Yorkshire Brew Rally but I missed the Dalesman through a broken big toe - couldn't change gear.

Glad I made the effort.

Hit the pub Saturday evening

- Steve

Once again, was accompanied by George Perrin and Son Kris and we left Saddleworth around 1330hrs on Friday Oct 7th.

Pretty straight forward run along the M62, M1 North and A64 to Scarborough. It was quite windy but at least it was dry.

This was the first Yorkshire Brew Rally and it was a cracker. The site is off the main road and down a winding, single, private tarmac track. As we pulled onto the site I had a gut feeling about the place - I was right. It was adjacent to The Cleveland Way with a 10 minute walk to the sea and a secluded cove with waterfall cascading over the cliff onto the stony beach. Obvious smugglers favourite of many years ago.

The Pub was superb. Two log fires, bar seating area, restaurant area and function room (band). Excellent beer and food.

The Rally had the atmosphere of a longstanding classic with plenty of friends, familiar faces and seasoned rallyists attending.

There was a band (not really my scene) but you could get away from it and hold a conversation with friends.

Far too much beer on the Friday night followed by curry and rice and a Bacardi and Coke back at the tent.

Decided against the bus into Scarborough and so after cooking a huge breakfast we walked through the picturesque woods and on to the cliffs and beach area. Fantastic scenery and views.

Returned for more beer, chicken and chips in a basket and then back to the tent for a kip. Hit the pub Saturday evening at 2130hrs and left at 0245hrs Sunday morning. More Bacardi and Coke followed, together with chilli and rice!

The rain came down about 1930hrs on the Saturday and continued until about 0900hrs Sunday - just right for packing up!

The two slices of bread, large slice of ham and a fried egg for £1.20 at control was just what the doctor ordered for Sunday breakfast after a skinful of ale the night before.

The A64 was closed on the way back with a diversion via Thirsk - no thanks - found our own - eventually. Close to the A1(M) at Sherburn In Elmet it was wetsuit time again and from Huddersfield onwards it was horrendous. Rain, wind and mist. Couldn't see a thing on the motorway and was down to 30mph on the moorland roads back down into Saddleworth.

What the hell - brilliant site, pub, beer, food, company and badge - definitely one for next year!

- Steve Giddens