Yorkshire Brew Rally

George Perrin, Sons Kris and Andy together with Andy's lady - Sophie, travelled over from Llandudno to my place in Saddleworth on Friday.


- Steve

It had been raining in the morning but was forecast to clear up mid afternoon. We set off around 1400hrs en route to the rally, just north of Scarborough. This was Kris's first rally riding his own bike and Andy's second. It was also Sophie's first ever rally.

We turned right out of Denshaw Village towards the M62 and hit fog! This continued on the motorway for about five miles before it cleared. We stopped on the A64 for the other four to have a nicotine fix. The A64 was closed (as per last year) at Ganston and as such we turned north at Malton, up to Pickering, then East for Scarborough. Having passed through half a dozen villages, we stopped for food, booze, tobacco etc and arrived on site around 1430hrs.

George decided to ride his son's Suzuki 750 onto the site for him and promptly dropped it! Thankfully there was no more damage than a bit of mud and grass on the engine casing. Unfortunately I wasn't present and so the photographic opportunity for future reference and pi## taking was missed.

With three tents up and a chilli and rice consumed, we headed for the pub and met up with Brian Weekes who had travelled up from the Bristol area.

It was a busy Friday night and the drinks were flowing well - in my case iced water due to medication. The conversation and banter were excellent and by the end of the night, Brian appeared "a little merry". George, on the other hand, was shit faced! On getting back to the tents, George attempted to sit on a canvas framed chair and promptly fell onto two of them before head butting the field - one chair was smashed!

Next day was a run out to Whitby. I'd taken a sleeping tablet the night before (back & neck pain) and although I had a breakfast roll and coffee from control early doors - I then crashed out again and woke at 1330hrs - airbed flat! We had a great early evening sat outside the tents and the youngsters had a walk down to the beach. After an excellent curry and rice we headed off to the pub again. There was a band on but in a separate room so conversation was still possible.

George left at 0700hrs Sunday morning as he had to get home and then run his other half up to Liverpool Airport.

The rest of us left around lunchtime for a largely uneventful run home. Great weekend and good weather was a bonus.

I've attended all three Yorkshire Brew Rallies. The first in 2011 (i.e. from a "standing start") was superb and well attended and the trend has continued.

Excellent site, location and pub. Superb breakfast in control - not worth flashing the stove up and washing up afterwards - extremely reasonable price together with good strong coffee all weekend. Good quality awards & raffle prizes & plenty of them. Bar and second area for conversation, food & drink. Separate area for band / music / dancing. Cracking (traditional enamel) badge - once again.

Many thanks to the Lockwood family and Rally Club Members for another well organised and enjoyable event.

- Steve Giddens