Yorkshire Brew Rally


- Steve

Early October saw me heading off to the excellent Yorkshire Brew Rally (4th year). This was my first and only Rally of 2014 as I struggle with the continuing back pain as a result of some myopic t**t using me to stop! I was stationary in the car at the time!

So with the bike ready for the road, George Perrin arrived from Llandudno on the Thursday morning. Following refreshments, nicotine (George) and a handful of painkillers (me), we departed Saddleworth.

Largely uneventful run up and the ball ache that was about 15 miles of camera watching at 50mph on the M62, had gone. My back held up reasonably well and George did the lion's share of erecting my tent etc. George and I spent the Friday evening with Dave Wood in the excellent boozer.

I suffered the next day and just stayed on my airbed all day whilst George went into town. Speaking of airbeds - this was George's mission as his airbed popped in the night!

Another evening was enjoyed in the watering hole. Sunday morning saw myself with a knackered battery and after "jumping it" (thanks to the Lockwood family) she started. Again, it was a largely uneventful ride home apart from the increasing pain and an enforced "diversion".

On reaching M62 - J22 the pain was excruciating and I still had about 10 miles to go. I got the next door neighbour to put bike away and de-luggage it. Now on Morphine patches but I'm told that I may never get rid of the pain. Going to get the dosage increased, got another two appointments at hospital and will cross my fingers. Just have to see when next Summer arrives.

Another marvellous Yorkshire Brew.

- Steve Giddens