Littlehampton Run

July 1980 - Yamaha Owners Club (Surrey)

Although still associating with the Epsom crowd, there were some weekends we just decided to bugger off somewhere on our own for no readily apparent reason. They were welcome to come with us, but they seldom bothered.

One such trip was an unremarkable run to Littlehampton, not far from Bognor on the South Coast. The only notable thing that happened was that 'Skid' discovered that his new XS750 was a little too heavy to ride across a shingle beach, requiring the rest of us, who weren't taking pictures, to assist him to firmer ground. We considered ourselves too 'bad ass' to use car parks.

It had been a pretty dull day throughout and halfway home the heavens opened, causing Adolf to amuse us greatly by revealing how he kept his not-too-waterproof boots dry.

Phil Drackley - Phil the Spill