Pioneer Run

18th March 1984 - Sunbeam MCC

This year my erstwhile club, Telstar BC, decided to follow the runners down from Redhill to Brighton. This was selected as a start point as the route took the runners up a fairly lengthy straight that had a bit of a gradient on it, and we could see them clearly, and maybe give them a push, if needed. (I think one did, actually, require assistance.) It was also a useful grouping point for all members that wished to join us.

After a while, everybody who said they were coming with us had assembled, so off we went, overtaking pretty much all the machines that had passed us during our wait.

We went straight down, as neither us, nor our machines needed the rest stop afforded by, (back then), the Little Chef half way down.

When we got to the sea front, we decided not to pay to get into the paddock area, and just milled around the edges, grabbing sneak peaks whenever we could.

After a few traverses of the bikes, we had a go on the dodgems, which might have opened especially for spectators of the run, as not much else was open. After all, we were at the seaside!

Phil Drackley - Phil the Spill