Pioneer Run

23rd March 2003 - Sunbeam MCC

This year I decided to invite my sister along to Brighton Sea Front, to see the arrivals, as she only lives a few miles away, in Chichester.

Consequently, I skipped the start point at Epsom Racecourse and went straight down to her place. I discovered she had no idea that this was a morning event, as she was nowhere near ready when I arrived. We had previously agreed that we would go from her place in her car, rather than both of us squeezed onto the Honda 250 I was using at the time, the Notrun having one of its usual sulks. Despite being now informed of the timetable involved, she still insisted in 'popping to the shops' on the way there, rather than on the way back. Consequently, most of the arrivals had happened and the organisers were not collecting money for entering the pit area when we arrived.

We walked back and forth a few times, to see most of what there was there.

At last I have seen the in-line three-wheeler that I had a brief glimpse of on a previous run. It appears to have a motor-driven two-wheel set up bolted to a bicycle frame, with the rear of the two wheels being powered and the front one being linked to the handlebars, which were still on the main structure. Very Strange.

Unfortunately I did not note the make, although the engine used appeared to be a De Dion Bouton. Did they make engines for other companies?

Phil Drackley - Phil the Spill