First Course Review

During the first course that was operated the instructors probably learned more than they had for years. Especially at the very end when there was a rather fraught proficiency test alluded to in the minutes of the instructors meeting reproduced here.


Instructors' Meeting. Tuesday 22 June 1976 at P. Vines, Wigston. 8.00 pm.


  1. Election of Chairman.
    Minutes secretary for meeting.
  2. Apologies for absence.
  3. Minutes of previous meeting.
  4. Matters arising
  5. Reports on the concluded course
    1. Lectures
    2. Groundwork
    3. Roadwork
    4. Bike conditions
    5. Instructors Uniformity of instruction
      Use of cards
    6. Pupils Comments
    7. Test Organisation
    8. Wastage
    9. Accounts
  6. Plan for next course
    1. General Organisation Starting date
      Number of pupils
      Course fee
      Test date
    2. Instructors
    3. Road Courses
    4. Card Layout
    5. Written material for Pupils
    6. Allocation of Pupils and instructors
    7. Assessment of Standards and Progress
    8. Equipment and facilities.
  7. Instructors' Training Programme
  8. Any other business
  9. Next Meeting

The above agenda held a full schedule of items to cover. After a late start the meeting lasted 3½ hours. Not surprising that the minutes ran to eight pages.




Pete Vines Maurice Belben
Wally BradshawSteve White
Terry ReynoldsBrian Porter
John Ireland Ben Crossley


Maurice Belben was elected


Richard TaylorSteve Brown
Les Freestone  


Minutes of previous meetings were circulated previously. They were taken as read and accepted.


Bob Nash and Steve White do not wish to continue as they do not feel fully qualified to teach. They will be encouraged to continue and included in any instructor training programme.

There was not sufficient uniformity in the last course and this requires further study. Our own instruction to be prepared.

Instructors will not claim expenses

Instructors for next course are

Wally Bradshaw

Chief Instructor

Brian Porter

Deputy Chief

Dave Smith



Pete Vines

Phil Freestone

John Ireland

Les Freestone

Terry Reynolds

Steve Brown

Richard Taylor

Ben Crossley

New instructors are required. Club members and past pupils will be encouraged to join the team.

New instructors will be inducted by the "buddy" system.

Instructors are required to set a good example both on the road and by their punctual attendance each evening. The two hours should be exclusively devoted to the pupils and social discussions amongst instructors discouraged.

The standard of instruction and discipline must be improved.

Allocation and Assessment

Allocation and assessment of instructors/pupils are too haphazard and time wasting.

Instructors will be allocated to pupils for at least 4 weeks after which consideration will be given to rotating instructors for a further period or just for one week for assessment of pupils.


Pupils thought that the course progress was fast but the length of course was insufficient.

General opinion of the instruction was predominantly favourable.

The next course will cater for approximately 20 pupils, maximum 25.

A postcard or other contact will be made with any pupil absent for two consecutive weeks.

Bike Condition

Bike condition was poor throughout the course due to an insufficient strict approach from the instructors.

For the next course a harder line will be taken including a 22 point inspection each week. Pupils arriving on unsafe machines will not be allowed on the Road instruction.


Received too much attention.

Cones will be set out early for practice in spare moments between lessons.


Too much emphasis was placed on the one route which led to boredom and automatic riding without proper thought.

Two alternative new road routes will be prepared for the next course so that variation can be introduced.

Photographic slides of the route and motorcycles upon the route will be prepared.

A full hour must be given to roadwork each week.


The mechanics lectures were the least favourite of the lessons although no pupils felt that less instruction was desirable

Most pupils thought highway code required further instruction

For the above reasons the decision to stream pupils into "Basic" and "Advanced" groups is confirmed. The "Basic" group should receive the first lecture lasting about 40 minutes covering safety maintenance and highway code. Highway code instruction should preferably be given by a different lecturer to mechanics.

Models and other aids are required in order to stimulate interest in this subject.

Written Material

Further consideration of this subject is required but the need was accepted in principle. Pupils are to be given a little printed material each week in order to maintain interest without overwhelming.

Progress Cards

Progress cards were considered invaluable although not always filled in to the best advantage

An alternative layout was accepted in principle. Until it can be introduced the existing cards will continue to be used.

Marks out of 4 will be allocated instead of ticks and crosses so that a closer evaluation of progress can be made and judged against exam requirements.

Comments must be signed and dated.

Accident Instruction

The legal requirements in case of an accident had been covered by Wal Bradshaw.

It was agreed that First Aid instruction was outside of the curriculum of the training scheme and we can do no more than advise pupils where instruction in this subject can be obtained.


Many things went wrong which gave the organisers lots of "experience" on the first test.

It does not appear to be possible to give a telephone number for examiners to contact if they are delayed or unable to attend.

Results were :- 7 passes out of 7 tested out of 9 beginners.

A copy of letter from John Wilmot to R A C was read to the meeting. It was agreed the contents were accurate and that the matter referred to would now be considered closed.

The next test will be on October 17th probably at 9:00 am, time to be confirmed when the number of pupils is know. Pupils will be required to arrive half hour early for machine and document inspection. Pupils will be clearly told to wait for the examiner if they become delayed during the road test. The possibility of numbering the pupils will be investigated. Kit of tools will be brought down by instructors in case of minor faults on the day.

Past Test

Badges were given out following the test.

Awards to two equal best pupils were made at the LPMC Club on Wednesday 16th June.

Certificates will be given out at the begining of the next course (20th July). Past pupils will need to be informed of this and the certificates obtained. Past pupils will also be asked to inform the scheme when they pass the ministry test.

Accounts -

Income Expenditure
9 Course fees @ £3.50 =31.50Examiners Fees5.00
9 Badges inc VAT3.30
2 Awards @ £3.507.00
Balance16.20Stock 2 badges

Request was made for £5 float to cover start of next scheme. Course fee will remain at £3.50 but the Fosse Riders' scheme will be contacted in case they need to increase their fee. Ours will be increased equally so as not to undercut or constitute a "cheap" alternative to their scheme and to maintain an even pricing policy within the city.

Dates of next course.

July20Start. Introduction and Film
10Instructors meeting to follow.
24Film (To be confirmed)
31No Meeting. Holiday
17(Sunday) ACU Test.

A programme is required.

Terry Reynolds will keep the store-room keys for the next course.

Equipment Required

Highway Code Instructors book2
Examiners Instruction book2
Castrol Maintenance books30
Good Riding30
Highway Codes30
Instruction Manuals4
Fluorescent Jackets
Playground chalk
Cups and Teapot
Cupboard for Storeroom
Progress Cards30
Highway Code Aids (various)

Tea Scheme

It was decided at the previous meeting that refreshment should be provided for pupils and instructors. It was agreed that the capital outlay should come from the funds and the running cost should be covered by a nominal charge of 2p per cup. The £5 float was made to cover this item.

Instructors Training

As the waiting list for the national instructors training programme is very long it was agreed desirable that John Wilmot go ahead with his plans to organise a county course.


In line with policy agreed at the beginning of the first course the Leicester Phoenix Motorcycle Club was not mentioned to pupils throughout the course until the test day. This procedure was found to work very well and the policy will continue.

Next Meeting August 10th following training.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 11.55 pm.

Minutes: Ben Crossley 23rd June 1976.


* Contact past pupils regarding presentation of certificates and information on Ministry test success.

Retiring C.I. Pete Vines.

* Encourage Bob Nash and Steve White to continue as instructors.

* Seek new instructors

All Instructors

* Decide on rotation of instructors.

Instructors Meeting.

* Set up tea scheme.

* Study uniformity of instruction and prepare course manual.

* Contact absent pupils.

* Prepare alternative road routes.

* Assemble written material.

* Draw up a course programme

* Prepare a 22 point bike check list.

Chief Instructor

* Assist and advise in above three items.

* Stream pupils.

* Allocate kit requirement for test date.

Mechanics Lecturer.

* Ensure certificates received 20th July.

* Inform RAC of test date time and place. Order badges.

* Withdraw £5 float from account.

* Contact Fosse Riders re course fee.

* Obtain equipment.

Course Secretary.

* Instructors training programme.

Chief County R S 0.

Yes, the matter was closed and never spoken about again....

.... until now! The Chairman of the examining panel was an hour late arriving. By that time the other examiners had reasoned there was a problem, elected a new chair and started the tests. When the chairman finally arrived he seemed to blame the scheme that he had got lost and insisted the test start again from the beginning. While Pete Vines tried to elicit a more reasonable response the other instructors tried to keep the trainees from realising the arguments going on. John Wilmot's letter to Stan Turner explained the situation and how upset we were, asking that he not send that examiner to the scheme again. Stan's response was that it was not the place of the schemes to dictate who the examiners should be but agreed that the examiner in question would not be chairman in future tests at our centre.

Hey, it's and I still get angry about it. So lets not mention it for another 50 years.