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The club's first runs to Blackpool were to the Motorcycle Show.

On one of the earliest visits to the show the club entered their motorcycles in the concours competition. They were delighted to be awarded first prize of a trophy and twenty pounds. The riders lead a parade round the town and Eric Bailey took a movie. The cup has come to light again and we hope Eric can trace the movie footage and have it transferred into video format.

The club also enjoyed rallies in the Blackpool area such as the Blackpool Rally and the Morecambe and District MCC Illuminations Rally.

1965 Blackpool Trip

The following is taken from Ben Crossley's 1965 diary. As far as he can recall there were three travelling up on the A6 as they were still learners on small bikes. Bruce Gibson on LE Velocette, Lol Mounteney on Vespa 150 and Ben on Honda 125.

Start of quotation Started on Friday at 6.15. Passed through Loughborough etc. I was glad of a new fairing on the Honda because the roads were wet most of the way but it only rained at Kegworth. However the headwind slowed the 125cc Benly to 2nd and 3rd gear over the Pennines. We arrived in Blackpool about 10.30, left our things in the digs and went to a local chip shop for a meal. Then we sat in the lounge with 'Two of the others and a Scotsman' also there for the Blackpool motorcycle Show. The rest of the club arrived at midnight.

On Saturday we got up at 8.00 for breakfast and then went down to the sea front where it was quite windy and still dull. Then, after asking the way, we walked towards where the sprints were being held. We arrived while they were still making practice runs and the sun came out. The sprint was held on the promenade and included grass trackers, scrambles bikes and sizes from a 50cc Honda to a 1200cc double engined Triumph. The best time was run by a Vincent with a course record speed of 124mph. By the time the competitors were making their third runs there was a lot of oil and rubber on the prom and the loose sand swept on did not help very much. Speeds were generally lower than the second runs.

When the sprint finished we returned down the promenade on a Blackpool Tram and made our way back to the digs to spruce up before a meal in a small cafe round the corner. After this we went to the show. I bought a Kodak TriX and 10 flash bulbs. There were a lot of retail stands in the show and the things that attracted my eye were ...
  • a leather 'train drivers type' helmet (I must have bought that. It is why Wishbone nicknamed me 'Rommel'.)
  • a tie clip with Honda motif
  • a belt buckle with deathshead (still got this!)
  • the 650 bikes on the Triumph and Norton stands
  • the birds on the Honda stand

Especially interesting were the special bikes on show such as Lawrence of Arabia's Brough and the 50cc Gilera that held all the endurance records.

Nothing was recorded about the Saturday evening booze-up and the trip home over the Pennines was uneventful taking from 10.30 until 3.00 with frequent stops for photos. My new fairing showed up well. End of quotation

- Ben

Alan Jarvis was one of the members on that trip and adds his recollections.

Start of quotation I was there with Wishbone and perhaps Dirty Eddie?

I remember the "sprint" event (drag racing) along the promenade very well, but other than that I have no other recollections of that weekend, perhaps the pubs opened earlier than usual! End of quotation

- Alan Jarvis

There was a run to Blackpool in the early 80s and Gary Cox recorded the shenanegans for posterity.

Blackpool from Gary Cox

Daz Mauger and Alan Reid keep well clear of Steve Todd.

They know from bitter experience the effect of black pudding and mushy peas, even through his leather trousers.


Blackpool from Gary Cox

The lads always stayed at the very best hotels.

Not inside; out on the promenade in front of them ... until the police moved them on.

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