Bimble Rock

15th April 1988
Bimblers/Pet Rock MCC

I don't think I have ever been to such a foggy rally as the 3rd Bimble Rock. It was misty when we got there, misty pretty much all of the rally, and misty when we went home.

The rally seemed to be held in a pub garden, with a smallish marquee attached to an old out-building. The disco wasn't all that loud, but it was certainly enough to enjoy the evening.

On Saturday, quite a lot of people insisted on going down to the seafront and going out in a boat to catch mackerel. There were about ten in total, mostly Moonrakers, with some Brunel types and Charlie Cobbe joined them. There was still a fair bit of mist about, but it seemed a little lighter out at sea. I seem to recall only one fish was caught and they cooked it after the games. Never having had mackerel, I wasn't keen to try it that day, even if there had been enough to go around, so I cannot vouch for the quality of that fish, but nobody seemed to have any ill effects.

Later on the disco started up in the marquee/shed, and jollity was had by those present, including 'the Actor' Johnny Emms, who was still wearing his '100+1' t-shirt he was given at Lez Lumps' birthday bash the previous year.

The mist on Sunday morning was, if anything, even heavier than the rest of the weekend, so the tent was a little damp to pack up. I wasn't looking forward to a trip home in the murk, but at least I had a chance to use the rear fog lights I won in a raffle some months previously, as I had managed to bolt them onto the back of the bike. They were lovely and bright, but I noticed the voltage on my bike was suffering with the lights on, so I switched them off as soon as we were out of it. The rest of the country seemed to have enjoyed bright sunshine all weekend.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley