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Friday 25 Jan 2013

Dear Friend

Hope you are managing to keep warm. Maybe that means finding a pub with a roaring fire, good company with stories to make you laugh fit to bust.

In the meantime, bask in the glow of your monitor as you explore the latest on LPMCC.net from the comfort of your own home.



Cycling or Walking

Our next pub invasion launches on Thursday, 31 January from Syston at 10am. Mode of transport to be decided closer to the day depending on the weather. It will either be pedal power or Shanks's pony. Whichever we choose, there are plenty of good pubs out this way. One of them may be daft enough to let us through the door.


Skype Night

Skype Night is next Wednesday, 30 January. We look forward to our monthly catch-up on doings and goings-on. Make the most of Skype while it is still free.


Rally Badges

Made a start on the backlog of badges collected over the past few weeks. See two new A Badges and four new B Badges from Alan Kitson and Ken Horwood. There are also several new Extra Badges on the overflow, duplicates and miscellaneous page.


Walking to the pub

What Ranulph Feinnes is doing in the Antarctic only makes any sense if "South Pole" is the name of a pub. We chose a closer hostelry (or should that be "hostility"?) as we made our way cross-country and on canal towpaths to The Bell at Gumley. Thankfully we passed the entry tests.


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